Sunday funday

I dunno.  Running out of titles. 
But...not fun ideas.
So...here are a couple new things.
First...the "traditional" colored Dreidel tee.
The blue name version of the ring pop
The blue version (yes...I am on a blue kick) of the initial tee
A rainbow name for the bubblegum machine tee.
I think I like the rainbow name better than just silver.  Not sure.
And it would not be a Sunday without me keeping up on my "Halloween Sunday Craft".
Look at me go...three weeks in a row:)
Um...ya.  Ainsley did the haunted house...Peyton did the graveyard.
I now get to look at it on our counter for the next Month:)
I'm sorry...but I think the award goes to Ainsley for making eye lashes out of bones:)
Ok.  Off to ship a TON of items.
Then catch the premier of Brothers and Sisters...although I don't agree with it at all after they killed off my Rob Lowe:(  How does he not age yet I am now older (looking) than him?
I don't even care...look at him!

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kimD said...

Can I come live with you? I can't stand all of the coolness that is jumping all over my screen:) I'm just sayin!!!!!!<3 ya!