I seem to be obsessed with Halloween this year

I have always loved Halloween...but seriously...it is only Sept 19th!
I kinda think the heat is getting to me. My car just said 111 degrees and hour ago.
I am so over the heat.  We can't even swim anymore because the pool is only 75...and noone in this family goes in 75 degree water...so pool season....done.
Still redonculously hot out though.

I warned you that I would be doing a little bit of Halloween each weekend. 
I have to do it this way.  If I want to do a good job of it.
I have little moments of time to do any sort of decorating.
Like...10 minutes on Sunday afternoon.  
I probably should start on xmas soon since that will take me forever at this rate.
Anyways. I have a display area by my front door. It is a strange shape.
I have not found anything that looks good in it...so...for the next month (and a half lol)
it will be a Halloween cubby.

Then another strange landing area going up the stairs.
It seems to be a good place for me to just place loose things from around the house that need to go back up the stairs.  This is usually a lovely area for hair elastics...baseball caps and silly bandz...(shhh...the baseball caps are usually mine).
So maybe our glitter skeleton will keep us in check.
I am so happy with Target this year.  I swear they have had the same Halloween "theme" for the past three years.  I am onto them.  They do that with xmas stuff as well.
They just bring out what did not sell the year before.  But this year, they have a new theme...cute new characters and I love them all:)
Way to go Target:)

Ok.  Back to work:)
Oh.  If you are looking for a way to get your kids to shower more often.
Here ya go.

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Belle~ said...

I seen that candy corn soap and thought the same thing!!!