Cute Customer Friday

Did you know there is a Paper Lili facebook fan page?
Did you know that I always post new stuff there first?
Did you know that I am going to do some limited edition items 
that will be posted on the facebook fan page first?
So you had better join:)

Click here to take you to the page.

And please...if you have cute pictures of your kids in paper lili goodies...post those pictures.
You never know what it will get you:)
Come on...there has to be some sort of benefit to joining the fan page:)

It is never to early to start sportin your bling on the treats tees:)
If you would like one...there is still plenty of time.
And this picture from Michelle.
I am not certain if Michelle is a professional photographer...if not...she needs to be:)
Can you believe this little super hero!!!  Those blue eyes.  Wow.

Ok.  Stay tuned.  I have stuff in store.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I need to get a shirt for my sister, but I am wondering about the fit of the tees. She is small, but not TEENY. Are the women's shirts tight or are they a little roomy?