Boooo you

I have had the hardest time finding the Martha Stewart Halloween book this year.
We have a Target supercenter by us and they are really terrible at restocking.
My splenda bottled starbucks have been empty for a week and a half.
Do they not realize the importance of my 3 pm pick me up?
If I don't have that 100 calories of goodness...I start reaching for other stuff.
I need my starbucks target people!

Wait...what was my point. Ooo.  That the Martha book was not there yet.
Martha would be seriously ticked if she knew that.
So a quick trip to Michaels  today turned into craft day.
 And I finally found my book.  
If you recall a couple posts ago...I listed some pumpkins that I loved.
Well...I thought it would be an easy craft for the girls and I.
I was right...sooooo easy.
Michaels had everything you need:
-black pumpkins (I was prepared to spraypaint orange ones...not needed)
-bag of stones (there is enough in the bag to do about 40 pumpkins I tell ya)
-bottle of glitter glue

I did mine in the time it took to heat up the oven and bake some pizza.
Bam.  Fun!

Don't ask me what her pattern was...it was called...ooooo glitter glue and sparkles!
The more the merrier:)

Yup...I totally copied a popular magazine...cough cough.
It is not like I am going to sell them now...come on.
I just wanted one for my kitchen.

Polka Dots are cute too.

My plan is to do a Halloween craft once a weekend...
so by the time it is here...we have decorations. 

I also found some stuff to put in my jars.
I love to fill my glass jars with festive goodies.
Chances of my husband not eating this cotton candy are slim to none.
Oh well...I can get more:)

Am I getting you in the Halloween spirit or are you rolling your eyes at me and saying," uh...it is only the second week in september!!"

Another fun thing happened today.
Just a little sumpin' sumpin' came in the mail.
Makes me love Erin Condren even more...I didn't think that was possible...
apparently it is!  Ha.  Who knew!

So now...go to Micheals...get some black pumpkins and some glitter glue and start crafting.
Send me the pictures and I will do a post of all your cute kids (in their paperlili of course...ha...just jokes) making a pumpkin!


Tamara said...

SO cute! I'm going to have to go pick up a MS Halloween mag now! (Or is it a book?)

Just saw the pants down below this post too. I know you were asking on FB the other night about pants and I totally love those ones you picked. They look super comfy and LONG (yay!)

Cotti Family said...

I am a new follower! And NOT AT ALL crafty! So you have inspired me to do this project. My daughter was so excited when I told her we were going to Michaels...poor things.
So Thank you for motivating me to be crafty! I have photos but don't know how to post them. Help!
Nicki Cotti-LA,CA

Kara said...

Just wanted you to know that I loved the black pumpkins and took your blog on my phone with me to Michaels as I showed the sales woman photos to point me in the right direction for the stones and glitter glue. I think Michaels owes you a commission! :)

And, I also made your darling Valentine Peeps in the hurricane this past February. I've got my Peep ghosts ready for Octoter thanks to your inspiration.

Love the craft inspiration AND your shirts! Thanks so much!