Little 'dos

So yesterday I posted on my paper lili facebook page 
(if you are not a fan...why not???  Ya never know what you can win on there;)
I posted a picture of my chick. She needs a hair cut...or a hairdo I guess.
I asked peeps to talk me out of it...or prove to me why it is a good idea.
What happened?  I got pictures of the cutest little chicks with the cutest little 'dos.

Here are just a handful.
Lisa and her little funky gal.
Seriously...this is the funkiest/funnest kids hairdo I have ever seen.
She said people stop them all the time to take pictures and ask where she got it done.

Hang on...I think I should post the before and after.
Here is the before.
and now the after
Now that is funky hair.
Lisa (the mama) is actually a fabulous jewelry designer. Check her out here.

Then Joanne sent me one.
Joanne was at the library with her kids...being super mom.
I honestly don't think I have ever taken my kids to the library.
How terrible is that!
Do libraries these days have Starbucks?  Or is that just Barnes n noble?
Ha.  I'm awful. And totally not kidding.

Leisha just sent me this one...which is a double whammy because
A. it is a fabulous haircut!
B.  they did my pumpkin craft and they did it even better than ours!!!

Thanks Leisa...now AFTER we leave the salon, we have to head BACK to Michaels...get another pumpkin and do a batty one;)

So if your cutie pie has a must see 'do...email it to me please

Now...yesterday I did a post and I am not sure what I was thinking...but I did not post my "sources"...sorry.

So...if you are looking for the I Like tee...you gotta call
Hipster Kid , Tell Elizabeth I sent ya.

And if you too need to make your own salon
(I am so glad noone told me that I was beyond tacky for hanging a polish rack in my office lol...mind you...I guess many of you probably think so...and you didn't wanna hurt my feelings ...which is ok too:)
The rack came from this dude on ebay.
Now...it took a good 3-4 weeks to get...I am most certain you can find one quicker...however...this was a good price and well...we weren't exactly in a rush...as in, our salon did not have a grand opening date set lol.
So here is the rack

And if you have a little dude that likes to collect hotwheels...I think this is an super fun way to display those too!  Of course...you would need a wall full...that could get pretty pricey.

I will be honest.  I had more polishes than what fit on the rack.
I may need another one.  The biggest problem with the rack...is the fact that my kids won't leave my desk area, so we may have to move the salon:)


Anonymous said...

YES!! Ella's hair cut is freaking awesome! I want it for myself.

Love the nail polish. I might do that in my bathroom, all my polish is in a make-up bag under the sink.

We are doing our pumpkins this weekend and I hope they turn out good like the ones you posted. Im doing a witch and Nadia is doing a cat. :)

ps. I had a question about a tee.
When you're finished with that HUGE order I was wondering if we could tee's made that said, friends forever, boys whatever!???
I thought I would put it here because I know I will forget. I have momnesia.

Lisa Lee said...

Ok, I just saw this! Thank u so much for including Ella's pic on your blog! Your little one's hair turned out adorable...majorly adorable!

Uh and yeah, the nail set up...love it!