On the mend...

So I have been sick all week.  It was not fun.
I am generally a very healthy person...why?  Because I hardly ever leave my "space" lol.
So whatever I catch...I blame directly on the two little peeps that bring home every germ they can from school.  Sigh.  It was a long week.
I still feel like _______...but my throat feels better.  I may sound like Barry White...but all is good.
So.  For today...here is what I have.

A little update on the Kindergarten Rocks "series".
Why?  Because truthfully...I was totally sick of people knocking off MY design.
So.  I thought I would update it...add in a million more stones...and I think...improve it.
If you would like the old version...it is still available (email me).  But...I do hope that people realize there is a difference between my version and my handful of knock off versions.  
You get what you pay for I tell ya.
Next...how about a new initial tee.
You can pick the colors...or go solid.
Now...a cute pair of sweats

Then you can match a hoodie
(these can be done with any of the designs from my site)
You can put the pattern on the sleeve, the chest...the back. Where ever.
Make a matching set with the hoodie and the sweats.
The sweats are capris length.  They come really long and I just don't get that.
So...I can chop them off...even make a pair of shorts if you would like.

Check out this set.

This is going to a slumber party in a week.  So cute!

Ok...that's all I have right now.
Off to take my meds.
I just watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and perhaps I have taken too much medicine but I swear I saw Danielle and Jaqueline hug?  What was that and could Jaqueline have looked any more uncomfortable?

Now it is Thintervention...Jackie Warner is a hottie. I tell ya.  Wouldn't it be fun to look like her?
To be that fit and healthy?  I used to love her other show she had on Bravo, Work Out with Jackie Warner I think it was called.  Loved it.  She needs to come to my house and force me to work out. 
I am trying. I was doing quite well until this cold hit.  I am going to force myself to go back tomorrow morning.  Maybe I can sweat out the cold toxins.


Happy Mami said...

So glad you are on the mend. Love the new stuff! Guess I need to place another little order sooner than I thought. And as for knockoffs...they can only copy, their quality will never compare to The Original. Wish I needed another kindergarten rocks, the many colors are yummy!!
Take care!

Melissa & Spencer said...

I had no idea when I asked for the pj set asap you were sick!!! Sorry friend!!! You did an amazing job and I am in love with the set!!!

Next, I am obsessed with Jackie too and of course all things HW.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sweats and tank! Too cute.
I'll def. need those and that hoodie. : )

i gotta say the other women come off as being just as bad as Danielle in my eyes.
Teresa is a narcassistic pig who is a complete liar.
Jaqueline is basically stuck in high school and desperatly trying to get into the cool clique.
Caroline is obviously a control freak who things her dookey don’t stink.
Danielle well she’s plain crazy

I really need to stop with the trashy reality shows.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love the slumber party set. Too freakin cute. Also love the new edition of kindergarten/preschool rocks....may have to order one.

Boo for being sick and boo for knock-offs.

Anonymous said...

Can we order the 'candy wishes' and 'cupcake dreams'? I can't make up my mind on what to put as a design. Thanks.