Enough about me...lets find some cute stuff

It has been so long since I have posted cute finds from the web.
Sorry.  Truth be told, I don't have enough time to even look.
So...lets see what I can find.
Since it is flippin hot out still here...I wanna think about fall.
And my favorite holiday...Halloween.
Why do we all love Halloween so much? 
Is it because it means Pumpkin lattes at Starbucks?
Or because our kids love it more than their birthdays and they plan their costumes for 5 months? Or because it signals a change of season...kinda for us Arizona peeps. Let me just say, last year I found a snake in our yard a week after Halloween...so ya...it is still quite toasty.
Never the less...I love Halloween. 
And I love decorating for Halloween.
I like that my yard was the yard last year that people would come to snap pictures of their kids in.  I have a new front yard this year though...and truthfully...I don't enjoy it one bit right now.
In fact...I have two trees that I think I need to chop down...so I am contemplating chopping the branches and painting it black for Halloween...then we can remove it after.
Am I insane?  Probably.

So...cute finds on the net.
First...this book. I bought it a couple weeks ago and it is my new favorite Halloween idea book.  Gooseberry Patch Never lets me down:)

Now...we need some decor
These pumpkins from Chasing Fire-Flies
I love them...but honestly...I know I can make them. 
I just need some time.  Yikes!

I kinda love this lamp shade too!  Have I officially lost my mind?
Probably.  Whatever.  It would be cool if you were having a party.
Admit it;)

Speaking of parties and fun!
Is it even possible to have any sort of celebration without TomKat Studio?
I think I need these just for me in my kitchen:)

Of course you need some tees:)

Ha.  I couldn't make it through a post without taking you to my site now could I?

However...Halloween is now a "season" not just a day....and if you are anything like my kids...we have about 5 different Halloween tees 
(no...I didn't make ALL of them...only 4 of the 5)
But today in my inbox I got this little diddy.
These pictures kinda make me sad because they were from last year:(
Isn't it sad sometimes when you see how much your kids have changed in a year?
Never the less...the tees...still super cute!
Lima Bean Kids
I am not smart enough to figure out how to make the picture smaller...so I cute off half of it.
What you need to know, is that there is a sale where you can buy 2 Halloween items from the Lima Bean Kids site and you get a third free...but only today through Friday the 10th.
Click here to get to their Halloween stuff.

Of course...I always go back to cupcakes somehow.
Love the new cupcake wrappers you are seeing everywhere.
Such a great idea.
Check these ones out.  Click here.
 Wouldn't be a holiday without Erin Condren making something adorable.
Halloween labels! Click here

or the matching party invites

Need some stacked pumpkins?  I do.
Click here

And two last things...because Ainsley picked them out.
First...gotta take you back to Chasing-Fireflies
Ainsley wants these jammies...unfortunately it won't be cool enough to
wear them until January.

And finally...this tee.
We are slightly obsessed with Little Fox in this house.
Me especially.  I love their tees and beach jumpers.
So here is one more Halloween tee heading into our closet.

Ok...that should do it...for tonight:)


Anonymous said...

This post is funny to me because I LURVE Chasing Fireflies! I get their catalog and I want those pumpkins! At first I thought it said 15 bucks and did a double take. lol at me. Yeah..not 15$
You shoud make them and sell them on your site. Illuminations used to have them in store but they went out of business in IN. :(

I love little fox and just posted on fb last week about getting a tee for Nadia.

Im going to check that book out on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

okay, why hasnt my chasing fireflies catalog come :( Those pumpkins are awesome...you should totally make them and post a picture...with instructions :) Oh and speaking of Starbucks-they have a mocha toffee coffee that is so delish...yummm, totally addicted. Anyways, thanks for all the super cute suggestions, I love fall, and halloween! It is already 58 degrees here and it is supposed to snow by the end of the month!!! Yikes!!!