I think my kid is obsessed with me...

...and I her.  But seriously...she LOOOOOVES me.  I get on average...2 of these notes a day.
Not kidding.  She was extremely colicky for the first year of her life...extreme.  Ever since...she has been the most huggy, lovey, clingy...lovey...smooshy kid ever.  Has not missed a single day in 6 1/2 years...(and yes she is 71/2...but she was not huggy lovey for the first year lol).

So...here is today's example of how she stalks me.
So instead of love letters back...I hug and kiss her constantly...and make her tees:)
and then one for the big chick
she loves me too...she draws me the best pictures and leaves them an hour after I sent her to bed...just when I think she is sleeping...all of the sudden some fabulous picture of her and I appears on my desk.  
Now...no...sorry...these will not be for sale.
But...you can make one yourself:)
All you need is some transfer paper, a printer and an iron.
Seriously.  You can do it.  Trust me.
Michaels or Joanns would have the paper.
I use commercial quality paper but I bet you get the same result from the stuff at the craft store.
I took pictures of cereal boxes for these...but you can just get an image off the internet.
Remember to FLIP your image so you are printing the image in reverse.
Print...then follow the ironing instructions  and voila.
Of course...the bling was a very tedious additional step...but it is super cute without it as well.
Trust me.  Try it.  Your kids will love you.
You will be obsessed and before you know it...you will have tees with all sorts of images on them.
So do it...and send me a picture.


BlueEyes9693 said...

That is the sweetest thing ever. Aren't kids THE best!? Sad that not all Mommys appreciate what they have. What great gifts you made her :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

That letter is so sweet! I hope my girls will write me letters like that some day!!

Lil said...

Ok got to say this makes me cry...
I love it!