Fun Friday

Tomorrow is garage sale day here in our neighborhood.
I have a million things I need to sell.
I am not ready for the Garage sale...why?  Because I make sparkly tees:)
So I will catch the spring sales...maybe;)
In the mean time...here's what I just listed today.
For mom's or kids

Or how about this one
I will have more Christmas and Hanukkah tees next week.

Other new items today
A rainbow version of the Toothless Fairy.
And a new one that was the idea of one of my favorite customers.
Oh my...it is only 4 pm here and I swear I could close my eyelids and drift away.
This is not good. I promise my girls I would take them to practice volleyball.
Ok.  Snap outta it lady.

Oh.  I got the best box in the mail.
So the least I could do is take some pics huh.
It forced me to make brownies. 
Well, I couldn't very well leave the plates blank now could I?
Thank you Dacia.

Alright...gotta go Boo Ainsley's little friend next door...and drink a bunch of caffeine!

1 comment:

Khris said...

I really like the Night Before tee. I've always wondered - why do you not use kelly green sparkles? I'd love to see them on some Christmas items.