I heart Photographers

Sarah and Fadia, best friends...both with little chicks who are sure to be best friends as well had some photos taken from a super fabulous photographer in Calgary.
If you are in Calgary...you need some Heather Ward photos.
Thank you Sarah and Fadia for your continued support!
 Kate Bogot is a Chicago Photographer who could quite possible have the most perfect set of kids.
Check out little Ben.
Her photos are so light and airy...and perfect.
Thank you Kate!
Remember to get your Halloween Rocks tee now. 
There is still time.

I had a customer ask me if I could do a chocolate themed tee for her little chicks party.
I think I have just the thing.

How about the new and improved My Girls Rock tee.

And a little bit of fun stuff.
Think Birthday parties...stocking stuffers...or as Sarah from the first part of this post was thinking...advent calendar fillers!
Lilly Plum Charms.
My house is covered in them.  They are all over the 
fridge...my computer...my magnetic chalk board.
They make me happy:)

Check out the selection here
I will be adding many more to them in the next couple of days.

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