Fun stuff

So...we finally got to put up our Halloween decor.
It was still 100 degrees out today.
I hate it.  It is hot and horrid.
I sure hope this is the last 100 degree day I see for a very long time.
Like 7 months.  Please Mother Nature...please.
Never the less...it was funny, we were putting out our Halloween stuff last night and at 8 a lady drove by with her kids all on bikes.  She said, "GOOD...if you put yours up..that means I can turn mine on."
Apparently she was afraid of being the first person to decorate.
I told her not to worry...that I was always the first person to decorate.  
Oct 1st=Halloween
Nov 1st=Thanskgiving
Dec 1st=Christmas
Then I told her that we had moved in the summer and I was trying to get used to our new front yard.
That I had a "spot" for everything in our other yard.
This yard has me confused.  
Anyways...the point of my story was that she said,"WAIT...I know your decorations!" 
Then she proceeded to tell me every Holiday decoration I ever put out and that she was so sad when she saw our moving sign in the summer at the old house.  HA.
Apparently it made her day that we did not go far...but only 2 blocks away.
Sure it's kinda a creepy stalkerish story but...at least someone appreciated all my hard work:)

Wait until she sees our fun new addition this year.
And it is FUN!
Yes...we were also trying on our Halloween Costumes...whatever
This one is fun.  Trust me.

Wonder what our costume will look like by Halloween lol.
Oh...I added one more item to our yard decor this year.
Thought it was funny since we bought this house as a short sale...which apparently ticks off your neighbors.  Fabulous.  Because it is our fault the house is worth half what the dude who lived in it (and most people around us) paid?  Nope. I don't feel one bit guilty.  Sorry.

Gotta thank Kim from TomKat studios for the fabulous free BOO printout.
I love everything she does.
So Ainsley left this for her little buddy Macy tonight.
So a new fun thing that I added to the shop last night was fabulous bracelets
and soon (this week) necklaces from Lilly Plum.
I am addicted.
My kids are addicted.
You will soon be addicted.
Why?  Because all you need is one bracelet and then you just collect the bottlecaps.
They are very very well made.
Super strong magnets and basically...addicting.
Get them here if you would like.
I have more coming this week....and have already started a list for even more.
Halloween...Christmas...Hanukkah...I will have you covered...as well as
cheer...dance...teachers gifts...mom gifts...and basically...every single day bracelets.

Now if you were a fan of paper lili on facebook...you would have seen last night that there was a contest ( a super easy one) to win a free halloween bracelet:)
I like facebook...and I like contests...so...if you like both of those...be a fan of paper lili.
You never know what or when I will feel like giving away something fun:)
Be a fan here.


Anonymous said...

Love, love the witches costumes. It is a struggle finding cute costumes for something other than toddler... those are perfect...

Anonymous said...

Okay, totally checking these out...Magnets will make the best teachers gifts EVER, as there are TONS of teachers and we are in a brand new school, new State and everything and don't know people too well. Cant wait to take a "look-see" :D
Love, love, love the sign, cracks me up. ANd that costume looks so flipping cool!!! I think my youngest daughter needs those arm warmer thingies though, where did you get them? so awesome :) Anywhoo, great post!!! LOL

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Love the costumes!!

Lauri E. said...

Can you please please please tell me where you got that ROCKIN' witches costume! My DD's b-day is the day before Halloween and we are going to have a birthday/costume party for the 1st time! Super cute and sooooo different!