Did you go to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend???

Because Lyndsie (a fabulous customer of mine) and her adorable (and well dressed:) kids did.
And check out Kelly and Lexi!
And we went...in 92 degree heat...but we went:)
In our new Candy Corn Kisses tee.
I promise you...it is not too late to get your Halloween tees.  
If you order a Halloween tee...I make sure it does not get lost in the shuffle.
I refuse to be responsible for missing a Holiday picture opportunity!
 So this next one is a terrible picture...but I thought I would show you Peyton's cute mickey ear ghost tee.  We were going to go on a surprise Disneyland trip this week.  Just a quickie one day sorta thing.
Things came up and we can't do it...but I did have all sorts of fun outfits ready for it:(
So sad actually.  I swear a day does not go by that my kids do not mention Disneyland.
It truly is their favorite place on earth.

Can't you just tell from his picture how hot it was out there.
Gotta love the sweaty hairdo's.
That's Halloween in Phoenix.

Ok...so if you want a Halloween tee...check them out here.

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Anonymous said...

OMGosh I love it... I kinda miss the hot, sweaty weather :( It was 29 degrees there the other day---CHILLY! I am anxious about my first winter in Alaska though.
Love the new Halloween and Christmas tees, you are ROCKIN the ideas lately! Cant wait for the New Years ideas :)