I have the best customers...

Seriously I do.  In the past couple days I have had these sent to me.
They make me smile.
They make the irritation of the dude at the school parking lot who went allllll the way around me, backed up almost into me and stole my parking spot. 
Did I mention that was at the SCHOOL parking lot?

seriously...the cuteness
This is the 'do I think I had pictured in my head for Ainsley...
this is not what we got...and now I am thinking we might have to head back to the salon.

I love every single picture that you guys send me. 
 I love that you love your items enough that you think they are picture worthy.
I love that you take the time out of your busy day to send me a note saying how excited you were with your purchase.  Honestly...words cannot explain how much that means to me.
I also just realized that all these pictures were sent to me by "Melissa's"  lol...that's kinda crazy huh.
Thank you Melissa D, Melissa P and Melissa H:)
Then I had this one sent to me from Angie...to whom I will be putting to work in the future:)
I am going to need more of her pictures...and what a little model she has right at her fingertips.
Ok...I had about 5 other totally fabulous emails sent to me this week with the most stunning children...and I cannot find those emails!  So please please...resend them to me so I can post them.
I am so terribly sorry.  

Now...I have had several readers email me asking about my gift ideas for the holidays.
I am just glad that you guys enjoy the ideas I have posted in the past.  So bare with me...and I promise to comprise a list this week and post it.  Did ya know there are only 57 more days before Christmas! YIKES!  That makes me feel ill.  I seriously need to get on this thing.

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Melissa D said...

Omg! I feel like a celebrity I made your blog!!! I love your stuff, you Rock!!