Wordless wednesday?

Uh ya...I have never been wordless in my life.
So I will just share a couple super cute things that are brightening our house today.
First...Courtney Courtney does it again.
I had a dilemma.  It was in the form of a bright yellow class tee that we were swimming in.
Our class tee is a tee that the kids wear on fridays at school and on field trips.
I needed it cute:)
So I sent it along with last years blue version (that I took right off our fabulous teacher's chalk board) and tossed in a couple of my old favorite Inky Dink tees that didn't fit us anymore yet I was not prepared to give them up yet...and BAM.
I think you will agree with me that noone does it like Courtney Courtney.
Look how cute these little feet are just dangling there.
One day they will reach the ground and I will be sad:(
However...her feet just got THAT much cuter with the help of
I sent them two new pairs of Uggs and had them work their magic.
I am not picky...so I just gave them some rough ideas and let them do their thang.
I love it when customers email me with an idea and just trust that I can make something cute.
Custom items really are custom...no two are exactly the same.  I love that.
I like to be unique.
Which is EXACTLY why I think Courtney Courtney rocks as much as she does.
Anyways...I asked Nikki and Teddi to do their cupcake/lollipops for Ainsley.

And for Peyton I had asked if they could do her guitar.
Ya...check these puppies out:)

I told them it is a good thing we live in Arizona where it is dry. 
It gets cold enough to wear uggs...we wear them constantly for a good 4 months...but it isn't wet out:)  Otherwise...these would be indoor boots.  
I love them that much. 
Maybe I should have done slippers.

OOOOO...that's a good Christmas present idea actually.


kimD said...

Could you please blog....I need some entertainment:) I'm just sayin...

Elsa said...

wow.... nice shoes!!!