Martha Stewart rocks my world:)

Honestly.  Have you ever seen Martha Stewart do a craft that wasn't good?
Over the past year, I have slowly been collecting her glitter from Michael's.
For various projects.  And because I just like to look at it.
Not.  Even. Kidding.
I really want a big wall cabinet full of every color.
Like a spice rack.  Only.  Glittery.
I would be lying if I said I did not consider seeing what would happen if you sprinkled it on your nails when the polish was still wet.  Daily.
So my november issue of Martha Stewart came last week and in it, she glittered corn husks.
They. Were. Stunning.
I wanted to do them this weekend. I can't find corn husks.  The craft store had tiny little ones.
I want full sized husks.  I may have to glitter real husks and see what happens.
Glitter.  It's my thing.
In the mean time...I needed to glitter something.
So I bought a bag of those tiny pumpkins from Target.

And I needed more glitter.  So I had a 50% off Martha Stewart crafts coupon and off I went:)
Pulled out the handy dandy mod podge.
Voila...fabulous fall.

I swear to you, I sound like a fool when I am doing things with the glitter.  
Ever single color is more beautiful than the next. 
And I feel the need to tell everyone in my house, "LOOK at how beautiful this is!"
I am a fool.
But you NEED the set of 24 glitters.
Google Martha Stewart coupon and you will find one. 
Then buy the entire set.  You will want to use every color.
I bought some clear glass ornaments...24 of them...and I will be glittering my tree in a month.
That's what I do.  I like to sparkle things.

Speaking of sparkly things.
This tee.  I love it.
There is serious sparkle on it.
I will have a couple more Holiday tees soon...but I am not sure you can top this one.
If you are thinking of one for yourself...you need the long sleeved black burnout version.


Happy Mami said...

Is that shirt coming to my house? It's quite fabulous!!
Isabella wants to do your pumpkins (again). Better find the coupon.

Barbara said...

This post is too funny! Glitter makes me smile too! Amazing craft - your pumpkins look great. BTW what's the song on your post?It sounded so cool! Who's the singer?

Anonymous said...

Gahhhh I JUST bought my FIRST pack of Martha Stewart glitter. It was a Halloween pack and you are right I *love* it! And your pumpkins make my plain pumpkins look REALLY drab. :) I love yours....so colorful! I think I am going to to ornaments too....sounds fun!!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I knew you and I were meant to be friends!! I have some MS glittered pumpkins in an apothecary jar in my living room, that I'm planning on posting about. And I think I own all of her glitters. (All the shaped ones and seasonal ones too) mostly because I like to look at them. Glad I'm not the only one!