I'm back...because people need shopping ideas!

Ok. So I have had a ton of people emailing me (disappointed in me) because apparently...
some like my shopping finds.  
I'm back...taking a break from pressing and shipping and actually 
on another note...if you can hold off from sending that, "just checking on my order status" email...
I would truly appreciate it.  
I promise if you ordered by December 1st...you will have it in time.
I can't promise that you will have it in time to turn around and ship it to Australia...or Germany...
but you will have it in time for your Domestic Celebrations:) 
And I also guarantee that I have no life at the moment (not that I usually do) 
and that I am working day and night to get everyone their sparkles in time.

And also please note that I am EXTREMELY grateful for each and every single sparkle ordered.
I really have the sweetest customers.

Back to Christmas.
Back to shopping:)

Here are some good finds for kids...

A favorite around here.
Especially the Yummy collection.
I think we have all the pillows.
The best ones are the pancakes and the pizza.

(truthfully...these freak me out...I would hate them....but I bet boys like them)

 little missmatched jammies

little missmatched nail art

mogo flip flops with funky charms

can't go wrong with nintendo games
and if your kid is as obsessed with Toms shoes as daughter is...
then she probably needs a new pair (because they last us maybe 3 months tops)
So I got her this pair and they have sherpa in them.
Like slippers really.

Alrighty.  That's it for now.
I will be back later with a list for 'tweens...mom's and dads:)

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