On the first day of back to school my mommy bought for me:)

My kids go back to school tomorrow.
It is going to be 110 degrees at last check.
That. Stinks.
Oh well...not much we can do about the weather.
Or the fact that school is starting back in tomorrow.
Except...look cute:)
That...we can do.

Here's a little breakdown of our back to school finds.
Backpacks are expensive I tell ya
(and you probably already know)...
however...if you buy a good one (which is the only way to go really)
then they would/should/could last 2 years or so.
Here's what we got.
Both from Zappos.
Both padded and comfy.
And both totally duded up with pom poms, pins, hanging lipglosses and sanitizers.

Peyton still needs a new pair of sneakers (because she runs like a ballerina on her tip toes!!)
but lililoo is all set in her throwback New Balance.
Which I love and would totally wear myself.
It is strange here when school is back in...because it is AUGUST and it is hot.
Seriously hot.
I specifically remember going back to school in Calgary after Labor Day.
With new dress shoes and sneakers (to which I would always lose one or the other 
either coming or going to school...my mother must have been at her wits end with me and my 
losing shoe issue).  But because it is hot here...you either wear sneakers or flip flops.
This year...Ainsley wanted these.
They are still too warm to wear right now...but I like her style.
They will be adorable with pretty much anything when the temp drops below uhhh...90??

Can you believe she picked these out herself?
I am not even sure she realizes that boat shoes will be THE shoe this year...just watch.

Next...back to school clothes.
Again.  Tough call here because it is an oven out there.
I secretly wish for uniforms at our school (gasp!) but if we had them...it may
suck because really...I don't think anyone makes tank top uniforms:)
We only got a couple new things this year so far.
I love August and September summer sales, when everyone is moving into fall,
we can snatch up some good deals and wear them basically all year here:)

Ok...this puny post has taken me over an hour to write because I keep being interrupted so I should probably call it a puny post and I will return when I can think again:)


Cotti Family said...

Love those New Balance sneakers!! Where did you get them?

paperlili said...

Hi Nicole! The New Balance are from Crewcuts:) Love them.

Anonymous said...

Love the 2nd backpack...Carter has the board shorts that match! Parker got the metallic topsiders, she doesn't believe that I wore the same thing (minus the shine) in high school. I would wear them again! I adore the animal print, though :) I miss you!! xo Robin

Melissa & Spencer said...

Hi Momma, is that striped skirt one a dress? Is that Roxy?