Ahhhh Target...you get me everytime.

My mom is coming into town tomorrow to be my dog sitter this weekend while we take a quick trip to Nashville. Yes. I am very hoity toity...my dog sitter is flying international lol. For those of you that don't know...my mom and dad live 3 blocks away from us 6 months of the year. We love having them so close. My kids literally see their grandparents every day for 6 months.

Anyways. I ran to Target today to stock up on some munchies and stuff for mom. Nothing like a shelf full of cold frappuccinos awaiting your arrival (no...the apple does not fall far from the tree...we are all starbucks addicts...whatever!). Needless to say...my quick trip at Target was not so quick. Is it ever? Who IS that woman that is always either in front of me or behind me buying 2 things at Target when I have a cart full of $250 worth? How is that even possible to buy only 2 things at Target?

Today. I got suckered into the Hollywood Intuition line. I love Intuition. Such a fun store. But I even love it more when it is available 10 minutes from my house. Today I bought the bracelets because they make me look like I am cool enough to mix a bunch of bracelets together. Oh ya. Its all me:) Next trip...I need the necklace. I even daydreamed for a split second that I could make the hat work...that hat is fantastical! I may need it just to toss on my hippie chick for a good 70's looking picture. We'll see. There was only one left. If it is still there next trip...it might have to be mine.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

I got the necklace this morning!! I keep thinking about the bracelet, so maybe next time....I say if the hat's still there when you go back it was meant to be.

Have fun in Nashville!

Meli (Jam Clothing) said...

Whatcha coming to Nashville for? I'm 10 minutes from Nashville. :)

paperlili said...

We are going for my sister in law's wedding. Whirlwind trip as this is not our fall break. Wish it was. I would love to spend more time in Nashville. What a cool place to live!

Robyn said...

Why does everyone else have COOL stores near them! HA!!! At least they are carrying some stuff at Target...love TARGET. I also am the chic looking at the people in front of and behind me who can spend $ 15.00 dollars there. WTHECK! I call it the hundred dollar store.