Oh how I love Halloween

Couple new items in the shop. First...just a fun halloween cupcake tee that I can of course make with or without your chickies name on it. Maybe you want a word instead of a name...hello Boo-tiful!

Next is the CUTEST dress. Currently these dresses are only available on my site. And they are very limited in availablility. So if you love it...get it now because they will not last. I will have a Christmas version available and a couple just super fun everyday ones. My dear friend Robin...THE tie dye queen died these for me. I can do lots of things...and have been known to tie dye in the past...but NOTHING like these. This is professional tie dying...seriously I have no idea how she gets all the beautiful colors to not mess with each other. Just WAIT until you see the other ones. Anyways. Like I said...these are only available in my store...so don't bother looking for them elsewhere:)

Check out all the fun Halloween stuff I have here.

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