paperlili goes to Waverly Place

Check this out. The beautiful chickie in the hot pink is Jordan. Her mom is the brainchild behind one of my all time FAVORITE kids tee lines...Crib Rock Couture. I love them. Genius. Tracy is also the author of a fabulous blog...Hollywood Mom because she is a Hollywood mom:) Jordan has been in all sorts of shows and movies...most recently she was a flower girl in the Hangover. A couple weeks ago she shot an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place...and this week she got to go back and watch the filming of another episode. How fun is her life? And is Selena Gomez not the absolute cutest thing ever? Did you know she was on Barney? So was Demi Lavato. Cracks me up. You tube it...its funny.

Oh...I think my point was, check out Jordan's leggings...nice huh.