I would like to introduce the new love of my life...

...are you starting to get the impression that I am nuts? If so...and you are still a reader...then thanks! Clearly you have good taste lol.

Yes...they are green...yes I probably should have stuck with brown but I am never one to shy away from color. Words cannot express how buttery soft these puppies are. I may just put the on a shelf above my computer desk and stare at them.

They are already broken in...worn looking...perfection. If you love cowboy boots...put these on your list...you will not regret it. They are so taking me to Nashville tomorrow:)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love them! But I live in Nashville ;)

Anonymous said...

OHHH! I am a sucker for cool boots! Great choice, chickie-poo!
Love, love, love them :)
xo Robin
have a great trip!

woodwhat said...

Those are freakin' RAD!

xo, Jenny