My girls...

Two girls.  So different...but yet so similar.
They are both creative though.
Very artsy.
Today...we glittered corn...and pinecones.
I think I let Martha down however...my corn just doesn't look like corn anymore lol.
But Ainsley and I had fun glittering away.
Peyton had no interest in glittering...no fear though...clearly she is my daughter.
Who else would spend hours sorting out their plastic beads:)
Ahhh...like mother like daughter.

She loves these things.  Ainsley does not.
Peyton could make designs out of these for days and days.
She can make anything out of them.  

See the similarities.
Her beads...my beads;)
Hmmm...wonder when she will be able to help me out.

So...I listed something new and fun in the shop this weekend.
So so cute. 
The perfect holiday gift sets.
Exclusive to my site.

I really do love looking at my desk all covered in charms.
Get them here.

And then last but not least...one super fabulous new Thanksgiving tee.
Why?  Since Thanksgiving is in just a couple weeks.  Well...why not?
There is still time.


Shannon K. said...

Such a colourful post! Love it!
I think you need to do another post on all of your holiday decorating when you get to Christmas.
Just putting it out there :)
Happy Thanksgiving.

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Loooove. Love it all. Martha Shmartha! :)

Elsa said...

its really amazing .... what you did with the glitter!!!