Glitter is in the air!

So Halloween is a couple days past.
So sad.  My favorite holiday and now I have to survive another 5 months of 115 degrees in the summer before I can celebrate it again.  
These snowbirds who just come to Phoenix November-April really have it good. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!
Ok.  Enough with Halloween.  
So onto Thanksgiving now.
My biggest problem with Thanksgiving is that I have no idea how to decorate for it.
If you come across a good link online for some cute Thanksgiving decor...please send it to me.
Or better yet...put it in the comments for everyone to see.

This week my inbox was FILLED with fabulousness from my favorite photographers.
Mika Beth...and her girls...rocked it.
 Is it not insane how beautiful her kids are? 

Speaking of fabulous kids...Heather Armstrong too has a house full of perfect models.
If these do not put you in the Holiday Spirit I don't know what will.

Thank you Heather and Mika Beth.  You ladies are so beyond good.
You can get any or all (lol) of the tees here.

For all you Hanukkah peeps...if you are looking for a tee...I would get in your order soon to make sure you have it in time for your big days...and nights:)
Here is a new one I added this morning.

I have a million holiday tees for you to pick from...and I will have 2 or 3 more by the end of the week.
Then I am done.  Just jokes.  Just getting started actually:)


lulusmomma said...

Ok, those are the coolest models ever - such awesome pics :)

Shannon Ksenak said...

Love the waffle!
Beautiful photos of all of your products too!! I hope that one day, my kids will be that cool.