I am here...trust me I am

Darnit...I did not win the Madsen Bike contest.
So I am stuck driving my Electra (boo hoo:)to the grocery store where I can only fit a bag of apples in the basket and a starbucks in the cup holder.
Where were these bikes when I was growing up?
I remember riding my 10 speed to 7 eleven and getting slurpees...balancing a tray of them in one hand and trying not to crash with the other hand.
Ahhhh...the good old days.
I do think the Madsen would be awesome since my kids and I ride to the park with tennis rackets and volleyballs in our baskets.  Without fail...someone drops something at least once on that journey.
Ok..onto more favorite holiday things.
First...I painted my nails.  I know.  Shocker.
I have you tell you though that I found the best Holiday red ever.
2 coats.
 THEN...top it off with 
Nicole "spark my mistletoe"

and what do you get???
Bam  (please excuse my old dry hands...honestly...I cover them in lotion every night. 
Imagine what they would look like if I didn't.

While I am at it...I will share one of my favorite etsy purchases ever.
I got this a couple years ago.
Love it.
It is honkin big.
Gooood etsy shop. 
Click here to see what else she has.

Alright...back to my list.
Love it...want it...need it...love it.
It looks super soft...the zippers are awesome.
The color is fabulous.
Did I mention I needed it and loved it?

This one is pretty fabulous as well.
I like colored purses.  
I like zippers...studs...and fringe.
I like cross body bags.
I like this one:)

Ok...next...not that I need these...I don't....but I do think they are adorable for little peeps.
If I lived in a cold snowy place...I would be wearing these.
And my kids would be wearing this
I do love this pillow.
We used to have the Arizona version...about 10 years ago.
They have every state...lots of countries...and now...the North Pole.
If the pillow is too pricey...you can get the $20 dish towel which in my mind...is just as cute.
Can't be a post without jewelry.
I love little dainty necklaces. 
I have not removed the one I am currently wearing...in 6 months...maybe longer.
I might remove it for this.
I love these.  They are initial or numbers...on a slant.

This is a cute Kate Spade Calendar. The pictures inside are even better.

And last but BEST...I leave you this evening with the bag that stopped my mom and I in our tracks one day at Nordstrom.
The photo does not do it justice.  This is buttery soft with studs all over it and it is perfection.

Ok.  I am off to list a ton of new lilly plum charms.
I will be back tomorrow with more of my favorite things:)


Carrie said...

Thanks for the OPI shout out... I am one of your loyal followers and work for OPI! I'm not really a waitress is one of our top shades year round, we have lots of fun glitters for Holiday, check out our Burlesque Collection....limited edition! Love your work!

Carrie G said...

Thanks for the OPI shout out! I am one of your loyal followers and work for OPI! I'm not really a waitress is one of our top sellers year round. If you like the glitters make sure you check out the Holiday collection "Burlesque", great limited edition glitters!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh you picked something from the Sundance catalog. :) That is one of my FAVORITE catalogs ever...seriously. And I have always wanted to have one of those pillows, now that I live near the North Pole, maybe that should be my first! Missed your blog lots!!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

LOVE this post! LOVE your nails - I second Carrie - check out the Burlesque collection. I'm getting a mani/pedi on Monday and will be doing "take the stage" as my base coat, with "extra-va-vaganza" as the glittery top coat. Still rocking Essie's "little brown dress" on my nails. In December I'll move on to reds, cuz I'm weird like that.

I love that calendar. I'm slightly obsessed with all paper goods!

Happy Mami said...

Sorry you didn't win the bike, I tried to help. Missed your updates and happy you're back!! Love the boots, might add them to my Christmas list.