What goes up...must come down...

...at the moment...that is my Holiday moto.
It is not good.  But I am so tired...and seriously...I am having the craziest dreams.
Dreams about shipping packages...and messing them all up.  GAH.
This is not good lol.
Never the less...my "thing" used to be that our outdoor lights would be up and ready to plug in on Thanksgiving evening. 
Not so sure that is happening this year.
We will see.  We used to be the Griswalds.
That sounds like alot of work to me this year.
Don't get me wrong...I can snap into the Holiday mood instantly.
I have been listening to "Holly" on xm for a week now.
But I have not had a single urge to peruse the Christmas aisles at Target.
See the problem.  

To help...yesterday we went to the play The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town played the Grinch and seriously...he did a better job than Jim Carrey.
He. Was. Awesome.  
It was soooo cute.  And I think I laughed throughout the entire play.
Even when out of the blue Ainsley had a super crazy bleeding nose.
The dry air is wreaking havoc on the poor little things nose. 
But.  I plugged it with one hand and laughed and laughed with the other.
If you get a chance to see The Grinch play...go.  You will love it too.

We go to the Rockettes in a couple weeks.  That always helps with the Holiday Spirit as well.

Today...the girls grew a tree while I shipped stuff.
um...yes...Santa says there is only 33 days left until Christmas...oooo...emmm...geeee.

One more note...I am in the giving season...so...I think I am going to have some crazy sales coming up soon...but I am only posting them on the Paperlili facebook page. So make sure you are a fan and then keep your eyes out for some fabulous deals on your favorite items.


Soapylove said...

I had the same crazy time last week. Time is ticking for orders! But soon they'll all be shipped (except for the procrastinators) and you can relax and enjoy the season. :)

BTW, where did you get that cool tree? I would love to make one with my kids!

fruit punch tulip said...

Any chance you will offer a sale to those who just follow you on your blog? I would totally follow you on facebook if I was on facebook. I know - i'm old school, but still love your stuff.

char said...

I saw the tree on chasing-fireflies.com... they have other cute things by the same manufacturer too!

Elsa said...

great pictures!!!