These are a few of my favorite things...part 1

Apparently...there are only 50 days until Christmas.
For reals.
Holy _ _ _ _.
That is not very Christmasy of me...so...I will just say holy...holy.
Better start the list.  Gotta drop some hints.
Maybe just maybe you will see something you like and feel free to pass along the hints.

My favorite things...part 1:)

First thing...the chunky cardigan.  
I loooove me some chunky cardigans.
Here are a handful of cozy lovelies.
 Kinda loving the geek vibe I get from this one.
With some good jeans and a pair of boots.
Can't deny it's style now can you.
This one from Juicy Couture...makes me just wanna curl up and take a nap.
Of course...I had like 5 hours of sleep last night so that might be why I have nap on the brain.

Next up..the perfect pair of boots.

Um...I want these...badly.
I wanted last years version.  I never got them.
I love these.  Alot.
I heart you studded Frye boots.
There is only one size 9 left in these. 
Guess what size my flintstone feet are?

Then we have the Old Gringos that I posted about this summer.

These are serious boots.
Seriously beautiful.

Now...onto accesories:)

Love fringe.

This bracelet is pretty fabulous.
Who doesn't like horse shoes.

I know this is pretty pricey...but I just wanted to look at it...and I am a sucker for Barbie .

A couple weeks ago I got this candle at Anthropologie.
Balsam and Cedar.
Instant Christmas smell.
I have not even lit it yet. It just sits on my desk and fills the air with Christmas.
Since I like to sparkle.
I think this Sephora makeup set is right up my alley.

And this one has to be up any teenaged girls alley.
 Last year I bought everyone in our family one of these stockings and filled them with fun stuff.
I was so proud of my gifts lol.

Ok.  That's enough for part 1.
Stay tuned.  This week I will return with more favorites for...
~ dads
~more for me...I me you;)


Shannon K. said...

Good eye!! All wonderful things. I think my favourite item is the UGGS.

kimD said...

You are way cool chica:) Seriously..if I were skinny I would have you be my personal shopper:) For now...I only buy accessories and boots of course!!