I caved...

...I swore to myself after the last 2 pairs of crocs were outgrown in this house...NO MORE CROCS. Seriously. I am not a fan. I realize they are comfy...but I am so sick of seeing my kids all spiffed up to put a couple boats on their feet. I think that is my issue with them. My oldest daughter has big feet and crocs only seem to enhance that illusion. So we had made it this far in our cute Born gladiators. But my youngest daughter wanted a pair of crocs. And in the summer...I have to admit...they are handy when trudging around the pool...or wherever. Sigh. BUT...the only way I would buy some is if they were "funkay"...so we kinda accomplished that. She's happy at least.

For anyone in Phoenix...since I am on a croc post here...if you need some new ones check out the Crocs outlet in Arizona Mills. It is cray-zay. Every color (no not leopard...sorry...those ones are actually kinda hard to find) but walls filled with in a rainbow of crocs. And charms.

Oh and I am loving how vibrant these crayola crayons are...right up my alley.

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