you can call me many things but...

...I hope fun mom is one of them. Tomorrow is "dress like your favorite book character" at school...uhhhhh...ok. Well. No clue. So this is about the only thing I could come up with. Now before you ask..no I cannot make these and sell them (that is in case you thought they were cute...maybe you hate them...I dunno) I would have to pay licensing fees for that...PLUS...lemon tees (which I do adore) makes a purplicious. I am not sure if anyone makes a Fancy Nancy...maybe I should look into it. Nahhh...I will leave that to the big guys. So if you are lucky enough to be one of my sleeping angels tonight, you will wake up in the morning to find one of these tanks waiting for ya.

And trust me when I say...I had NO time to do these tonight...like none...so it is pretty darn impressive that I did them and in record timing...started when I thought Meredith was going to marry my McDreamy...and ended with Izzy having a bald head...but keeping her eyebrows????


Courtney V said...

They are DARLING!!!!! My daughter loves Fancy Nancy too... I think you should look into licensing!!! Hey, couldn't I pay for another design and then you could accidently make the Fancy Nancy and accidently ship it to me? That could happen right?! I hope you know, I'm NOT kidding! LOL

Anonymous said...

omg! I love them. You are fun mom and super mom!

And Im so jealous that Im not 8 yrs old because purple is my favourite colour! I have both of those books. : )


ps. hope the girls had a great day at school and Im sure they won best dresses, hands down.

Heather said...

omg, how lucky are your girls??? Those shirts are incredible, and two of my daughter's favorite books!

What a cool mom you are! Great job on the shirts!!