Apparently I cannot avoid the pool forever...wha

Day 2 of summer vacation and my house is still rather quiet. Love that. My kids
play nicely together and they play together ALL the time. We never really have the need for playdates because my kids are each others best friends. I am sure this will change in the near future, but right now...it works out perfectly. Our summer days are filled with a small amount of "homework", reading and then splashing in the pool. Oh and ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, ranier cherries...oooooooo those beautiful cherries and crafts...there is alot of drawing, cutting, pasting, gluing and taping in our house. Glitter glitter everywhere.

My least favorite part of summer is the swimsuit part. Gag. This year really sucks because of my hivey ho (named by the lovely Dacia) issue. But clearly my children could care less about what I look like in a swimsuit (I wonder what age they will be like "ewwww...look at mom in a swimsuit!") We have our own pool and that is wonderful...I think I may hear the odd snicker from a lizard about how my butt is larger than ever this season...but basically our yard is a worry free zone. The problem is the neighborhood pool. We get sick of our pool quickly and need a change in venue. The next step is the neighborhood waterpark and slides. It is great fun there...but the fear of public swimming sets in quickly for me. One must just suck it up and realize that noone really cares...except me. So this brings me to my current issue. Swimsuits. I need a new one. So the hunt begins. Have you seen the new "monokinis" what a stupid idea that suit is. Seriously. Who wears that? Wait..let me correct myself...who CAN wear that? Frightful really. Um..can someone please tell me how a bathingsuit can be $226?

This one
is fairly safe I think...and at $31 it is a pretty good price too! I like this one too. Oop...and this one. Can you figure out my pattern here? Are these old lady swimsuits? Am I getting old? Trust me...if I could cram myself into a little string bikini and not make 95% of the pool population lose their lunches...I would do it.


Anonymous said...

I love the top 2 the most! And only old ladies wear old lady suits! You don't qualify for old lady status. Oh, my favorite summer accessory...the sarong! I don't leave home without it.
xo Robin

Amber Herlocker said...

Have you tried Land's End Swimsuits??? They are the best at "holding things up and in place"! Happy Shopping!

Sharon Campbell said...

Another great brand is Miracle-Suit! I discovered them after I had my first baby about 8 years ago and they really suck everything in! Glad I found you via Matilda jane!