The question isn't to buy or not...the question is how many to buy

Once again...super cool stuff on etsy. John Golden. Did I mention my love for Etsy before? I saw these prints one day on the site. Fell in love instantly. I really would like the huge versions...but since there are about 8 that I would want I needed to stick with the small versions. Hello...expensive addiction these could be. BUT...if you want to just make a cute statement in your bathroom...then get the big "wash your hands" print. Oooo...that would be cute in a classroom as well. Now see what I mean...you could literally have the perfect spot for everyone of them. I have 4. I was planning on painting my kitchen a funky color and hanging them side by side. Well. Ha. I don't have enough time to CLEAN my kitchen let alone paint it. Thats a good thing. Not a complaint.

I have also seen that this lucky artist is now offered in either Garnet Hill, Pottery Barn kids...or Land of Nod. I cannot for the life of me remember which one I saw it in. It was a goodie though.

UPDATE: Aha...it was Garnet Hill. I knew I could not rest until I figured it out. Can you say OCD.

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Em Tanner said...

lovin these! gotta go order some..thanks, i keep up w/etsy through my paperlili bud!LOL