Fancy Nancy Shmancy

So I was just doing a quick google search and I came upon these cakes that people had done for a Fancy Nancy birthday Party. I had to share...like right away before I forgot. No I am not doing another Fancy Nancy party...if you were a blog reader of mine last year you would know that we have been there...done that...BUT...we did not have a cake like these. Good lord. They are works of art I tell ya. I have never made a cake with fondant have you? It always looks so pretty...but I have never tasted one either...are they good? Are they as good as they look? Hmm. Ok...I will try to drum up a pic from our party last year. It was Fancy Nancy goes Bowling. I think we only did a cupcake tower. It was cute...but I do like to do a fun cake because really...isn't the cake the highlight of the party? Isn't the cake the thing kids remember? Or is that just me because well...I love cake.


Heather said...

Oh, wow those are beautiful! How fun that you did a Fancy Nancy party! My daughter loves Fancy Nancy, calls butterflies papillons, and sleeps with her giant Fancy Nancy doll. She's only 2, though, and calls her Nancy Nancy and there's no convincing her otherwise! LOL! I bet the party was fabulous! Or...equisite : )

Lena said...

So fondant does look fab but, in my frosting-loving opinion, it's not anywhere near as delish as a good buttercream or cream cheese frosting. And as for your tanks? I sincerely hope your girls consider hand-me-downing to Rose someday :)