someone stop me please

About a month ago I bought this vest for my daughter. You know...its really funny, but I did not really think I was that into "bling" but apparently I am. And the more I do it...the more I feel the need to bling everything around me. Trust me when I say that when you have "bling" at your beck and call (meaning all supplies are staring you in the face) YOU literally add a little sparkle to everything you own. Now just so I am clear, I do not have pillows and towels and home goods blinged...in fact I don't even have alot of my own stuff blinged BUT...I do find that a little bling can go a long way on kids stuff. I like to think of myself as the non-cheesy blinger.

OK...back to the vest. Bought it...it is cute. Kinda hippie-ish. I am loving the tie dye all over the place. Not cheesy tie dye like when we were younger...but funky tie dye. My friend Robin is the tie dye queen. She can do all those pretty colors that I have never understood how to do. Why do they not all run together? Maybe she needs to give me a lesson one day. I just like to know how some stuff is done. She tells me she has done a pile of new items...so the second I get the go ahead, I will pass along the info.

Wow I have said a whole lot of nothing here haven't I? My point is...I bought the vest...and blinged the damn thing.

I also bought 3 of the cutest 4th of July tees at Target (hello $6 tees) a couple weeks ago and when I have a second to breathe...I will add just a little bit of sparkle.

Oh oh oh...speaking of tie dye...I have 6 "items" that I HAVE to do because I fell in love with them. There are only 6 and I cannot get anymore. Wow, again I just said a whole lot of nothing. I don't want to tell ya more because it is a secret. Ha. Not really, but hey maybe it will make you come back and check. lol. They are really cute. For moms. As soon as I get through this stack of orders I will make them. Oh and when I say "cute" I mean funky cute...not cutsie cute. Man...I need some sleep!


Lena said...

a) I want a 4th of July blinged target T for Rose
b) what cute things? you know I will be checking
c) I am obsessed with Lululemon and have a trick: for capris by full length and have them hem them in the best place for your legs because their cropped pants are dorky cropped, imho.

Anonymous said...

That vest is too cute.
Im kicking myself for not ordering fast enough on Robin's etsy shop. The 2 shirts I wanted are now sold. :(

Can't wait for the new stuff!