I just like looking at these...color always makes me happy

Here are some things that I have come across that instantly put me in a better mood...and this week I need that.

Like this alphabet art...I love the colors

And then this dress by Courtney Courtney. I love Courtney Courtney. I am waiting...patiently...until she makes the perfect dress for one of my girls. How I WISH that she had done this Annie dress in a size 6...whaaaaa. Her dresses are one of a kind. Good price. Please someone with a size 4 little chick buy this dress and I swear you will live happily ever after. I love Annie. And if you do buy the dress...send me a picture so I can look at it lol.

Or this metal tub that you could use for anything...shoes...toys...magazines...or drill a hole in it and plant some plants...how cute!


Anonymous said...

I want the alphabet art too! I want to make one that says "BATHTIME' and another that says "MILES" for the bathroom. Hmmmm, maybe for mother's day? ; )



DolceBaci said...

Sooooo cute! I wanted to let you know you are featured in Tots Trends Weekly Magazine! Congrats your work is fabulous!