Conversations with a Cupcake.

Are you like me in the fact that I will bounce from blog to blog to blog? I do this all the time. I will read a blog then click on a link of something that catches my eye...and before I know it I am like 10 blogs away from where I started. Then a week later I will think, "darnit...I know I saw that somewhere..." and totally not have a clue where.

This week I happened up these scrumptious cookies from Conversations with a Cupcake. And although I am on MAJOR diet right now...I can still look at the pictures right? Oh so yummy looking.

So now, when I see that, "something" on a blog that catches my eye...I am posting it right away so I don't lose my mind over it in a week.

Don't you just wish life was so simple that we could eat everything yummy and still fit into good clothes! Why why WHY has someone not figured out a way for us to do this...other than by running a marathon after eating a Sprinkles?


Staci said...

I do the same thing all the time! Off to check out the cookies (even though I know I shouldn't be).

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

Wouldn't you know...I did the exact same thing...and ended up at your site! Thanks for the post about my post. SO KIND of you!

Hope your week is coming along nicely!