Its beginning to look alot like summer...

Ok so I realize most places in the US may are just greatful to see the sun shining these days...but here in AZ it is already gross...107. So...that means the pool itself has not quite heated up to the 90 degrees that it must reach before my tender tootsies step in it, so every year at this time I end up buying the good ol slip in slide that lasts about 2 weeks before it gets tossed aside for some other sort of water fun. Good thing they are only $9. Anyways...today was the day to slide on down and eat some good old birthday cake ice cream bars. I tell ya...the only GOOD thing I can say about a saturday morning grocery trip to walmart is that they have a very good ice cream selection.

ANYWAYS...when the heat cranks up I like to pretend that I am not in the middle of a desert and that I really am somewhere close to a beach. I know. Its quite a stretch. But the first step is to smell like you just doused yourself in a pina colada...or lubed up with some Hawaiian Tropic. Seriously...find me ONE person that does not like the "smell" of the islands? And honestly...this caress evenly gorgeous body wash has the best smell.

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Anonymous said...

THis is funny to me! Here in boring town Indiana we have a pool and we use the heater at night sometimes! lol I hate warm water and my husband hates it cold. I just feel better diving into a cold pool after too many glasses of vino the night before. Always cures me. Ive only been to AZ 4 times and i could not believe the difference in dry air, much better than the humidity we get here.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve the best.