A loooong time ago I posted about the Lululemon Savasana wrap that my sister gave me. I think it was back at Christmas time. Anyways...lots of people asked me where to get it. Not everyone has a lululemon store. We have a "showroom" in Scottsdale but it is not a full fledge store. Just another reason to love my July break when I head to Canada...so many Lululemon stores so little...money. Anyways...Lululemon now sells online! Wheeeeeee. So if you are still on that Mother's Day kick and feel like being nice to yourself...trust me when I say this jacket is the BEST jacket...ever. It is sooo soft...like chamois soft...and you can wear the collar anyway you want. It hides a multitude of sins and it really is beyond fabulous. You will want it in every color...and if you hate it...send it to me then because I really need it in black.

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Shannon said...

Love this! I haven't yet seen them on anyone and as you know while visiting Calgary, that Lululemon is a uniform!
Thanks for sharing!
P.S. LOVE your blog :)
I'm not the best blogger, so I envy those who can entertain! Mine's just stuff :)