Do you have a little rockstar in your family?

Just listed in the shop...

Thank you Betsy! Little Miles is always rockin the paperlili goods. So is Mr. Gabe. These little dudes are mini celebrities in their own rite. How cute are they. Omg...I think I should do a "dad" version too! What do you think? We know Betsy's husband Jon would need one...hello he actually IS the music man.


Lena said...

are you kidding?! just ordered for adam :)

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that you are in AZ and these boys live like ten minutes away from each other in Indiana. (And are about exactly a year apart.) Though Miles soooo looks like a three year old, not a two year old!

LOVE that Miles and Gabe get to rock this T together. (Sending a big hug to Denise!)

Thanks Cristy. you are awesome. : )