A couple new shirts.

These can be done on a tank or a tee...in the fall I will add thermals too. Just fun and simple. I realize not every mom wants their kids name splattered all over their tee. So here is another option. Already in the shop.

QUESTION: I usually only have white or black options for tees. They go with everything...it makes it easy. Sometimes I toss in a pink option. Would you like to see more color options? If so...what colors for tees...tanks...thermals etc. Also...if you have a good idea for something else I should offer pattern wise...let me know. My brain is slightly mush these and any help would be appreciated.


Courtney said...

Well, here's an idea... in the color world, coral and aqua go with everything. Separately:) Like brown can go with coral or aqua. Yellow even looks good with either coral or aqua... just a thought :)

I've always wanted T's that say "ginger peachy" it's a great old saying :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!!
I love green and purples.
Nadia has 2 of your thermals and I love those for the winter.

Don't hate me for saying this..I would love to see your "candy ice cream, clothes, cupcakes'' tee again! lol I loved that shirt.

ps. My husband surprised me with your tee this weekend and I wore it to my son's baseball game and everyone loved it. Thanks for all you do.