omg...2 posts in one day!

Ok...so my daughters 8th birthday is coming up. Usually I am all over these things even though I do like to keep it low key and family. At least until they demand that their friends be involved! Ha. Anyways...I just saw yesterday that A. Birthday Express has a Fancy Nancy birthday theme AND... B. Target now carries a whole Fancy Nancy line of dress up clothes and the cutest doll ever. Now I don't know...8 may be a little old for a Fancy Nancy party...but both she and I LOVE fancy nancy and the excitement level over all our findings was so high yesterday that I figured...we can pull it off in a "big girl" way. I think. I do need some ideas...so if you have some...please send them to me. Oh...and one more catch...my nephews will be at the party...so how do I incorporate boys into Fancy Nancy (although they may dig the feather boas.)

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