How jealous of me are you now? lol

You see this painting?
It is hanging in my office.
I can see it from almost all angles of my home.
My sister bought it for me for Christmas.
That's right.
My sister.
Clearly she rocks.

Ainsley told me that she is the one in the pink hat with the umbrella (she LOVES umbrellas).
Apparently Peyton is the one in the purple shoes (she is the purple chick in the house).
And I am the one in the front in green.
We are three funky crafty chicks.

I love this painting more than I can express.
Hellooo...it has a rainbow umbrella!

Told you, you would be jealous:)


Leslie said...

Ohhhh...I LOVE it! I am jealous! I also would agree that it reminds me of the THREE fabulous Paperlili chicks!!

denise said...

wow..Double WOW.. and now yo got me shopping for paintings..Her work is fabulous as is your sister. My gosh

natalie said...

An ANgela Morgan piece!!!!!
You lucky lucky dog. She is one of my favorites for sure!!!! Connie Gertz is another one of my favs. canadian woman are kicking ass. Chissy Cheung


Emom said...

What a truly thoughtful gift!
You are blessed...smiles.

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

That is beautiful!! What an awesome sister you have!