Where the Griswald's live

Things are looking up around here.  I have almost dug myself out from under all my orders.
What a great holiday season this has been! 
So I have one more day (if all goes well) of crazy order filling.  Most of it is super custom items for a shop here in Scottsdale.  Always a challenge...but always fun. And then...whooo hooo...I get to...
clean up my house and my mess and make this place look like someone did not blowup Santa's workshop.  Right now it is bad.  There are boxes everywhere waiting to be wrapped.
I have actually done a pretty good job with xmas gifts this year. 
Don't ask me what I got because honestly...I am drained and my mind is blank. 
So it will be almost as much as a surprise to me on xmas morning when everyone is opening their gifts.

So.  After today I promise to get back to blogging regularly and post something pretty. 
In the mean time...here is a pic of my girls and I since I shun the camera on myself 99% of the time but yesterday I let my husband actually take on of me.  Of course.  I am hiding under a zillion clothes and a hat.  Whatever.  That's me.  In the winter...I live in Uggs...hats...and lululemon. 
Things could be worse lol.

Here we are single handedly trying to bring back the 80's.  Crimped hair and all.

A little more crimpage... barrette by Details...shirt by paperlili (oh wait...thats me:)
We have the Sugar Plum Fairy...the Merry Kissmass and the Twinkle. 
We need the fa la la la la since we already have the matching leggings that I did last year for my girls.  I did not see that option when I was ordering. 



denise said...

i might just have that same sweatshirt as you!! Thanks for feeding the blog.

Emom said...

What a sweet family....smiles.

Heather Armstrong said...

I love your blog! I comes through in my RSS feed, so comments obviously aren't made! (sorry)! Just have to say I LOVE your posts! Always a brilliant idea!!!!

Judy said...


Shannon said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and I peeked at your pictures BEFORE reading the post and thought to myself "I didn't realize she has 3 daughters..." AND IT WAS YOU! You shouldn't shun away from the camera! You look great!!

cristy said...

Shannon...you just made my YEAR!

I needed that:)

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

My daughter has the same fringe boots : )

Your front yard looks fun!