where or where have I been?

Forget zhu zhu pets...the gift of the season clearly is paperlili leggings!  Ha. 
I never keep count of how many I actually make a week...but this photo will give you a general idea of where I have been for the past month.  This is 2 days worth of leggings.
This is not including the matching tees that go with some of them.

It has not slowed down.

I am more than grateful.  My customers rock:)

My rhinestone supply chick is the best.  She is sooo used to me emailing her with emergency orders that she needs to next day to me.  Yes...I pay a fortune for it...but it would be a big ol pain in her bootay to have me bugging her for stone asap.

Guess what someone in my family needs for xmas?
So far it is just her one front tooth...but within the next week...it will be two.
Guess I better make her a shirt:)
Actually...it is going to be real uuuuugly here because there are actually 2 more teeth dangling in there...so we will be missing 4.  Niiiiice.  So funny.  I love her. 

And since I have not mentioned my dear Lyra this week...lets post a little something she took...because her pictures are much much more fun to look at than mine:)
The question is...what one to pick because I have 4million that she took...they are all good. 
She is good.



Meredith said...

My daughter loves those leggings, fabulous!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Your girls are such supermodels!! Gorgeous, gorgeous! I am so flippin in love with those leggings - lemme know if you ever want to do a trade! And what are zhu zhu pets? Leila's only 2.5 so we haven't gotten into those yet.

Lena said...

seriously? how fabulous do they look?! I need to meet them.

PS: I don't think I ordered enough for Rose. Yes, I am serious :)

Melissa said...

I just added to your pile!! Thanks so much for fitting me in!!

KimD said...

I so love those leggings. I could just snuggle them all up!!! The photos are AMAZING!!!!! Your oldest dd looks 15.. Girl.... you are going to have boys ring the phone non-stop!!!

Jodie Goodison said...

I so love these photos..this photog rocks.