Something is wrong with me...I think

am I losing my mind?
I kinda find these interesting.
Not an entire room filled with them.
But one piece?

ok...maybe the sofa is a little much


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

That chandeleir is pretty fabulous

Shannon said...

Scrolling down to see the sofa made me laugh. Love this post!

Courtney Price said...

Um... :) So, my husbands grandma made him a quilt that would fit right into those pics (except that it's all polyester, no joke). She LITERALLY salvaged the fabric from a train wreck (appropriately!). A car skipped the tracks and exploded, raining thousands of pairs of XXXL (no lie) polyester pants all over the treeless Eastern WA landscape.

sweetlilmiracles said...

The headboard is pretty neat but not sure about that sofa lol.