Whooo...hoooo...now what do I do with myself?

So I literally am down to about 5 orders.  4 of which are waiting for size 6 leggings since I ran out and I should have them hopefully tomorrow or tuesday.  If you are waiting for your order...I promise you will have it this week.

Here is a little bit of yesterdays happenings.

First.  A giant grapefruit in our yard.

Next.  The party animal cupcake from my favorite cupcake place in Scottsdale.  Cupcakes:)

As you can see...it is always a hit.
I realize 99% of the population likes the red velvet the best...not me.
I go for the one with the color...and that is always the best tasting one.
Sprinkles to me are like glitter and rhinestones..the more...the merrier.

I spent the evening working on some custom shirts for the Garage in Scottsdale. 
Here was the order
~size 6 jelly belly
~size 8 good n plenty
~size 10 m&m's

This is what I came up with.

I think I like the m&m's the best...why?  Because it has the most color!
I should make a starbucks one.
How cute if you actually worked at Starbucks.
Of course I can't make them and sell them for obvious reasons...but this was a fun project.


Judy said...

These are too cute!!!! I want an M&M one for me ;)you are amazing.

Lena said...

WHAT?! And my order already shipped! I need these!

And how psyched am I for the black kapows. I have a certain almost 6-yr-old who will be very happy and snuggly!

Anonymous said...

Those turned out great. m so mad i can't purchase these. :(


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

SO cute!