its beginning to look a lil' like christmas...

So tired.  Not much to say.  So I will just post some pics ok.

Oliver the Elf has landed.  Cracks me up every night to see where he is going to show up next.

Kinda creepy actually.

I think he liked Kit's treehouse.  Who wouldn't right?

And since we are on the topic of creepy dudes hanging out around my house...how about this one in my daughters closet today.  Can you say EWWWW.  Apparently it has good taste though. 
You can't argue with taste.  Who doesn't love the Matilda Jane Pinkie Lap Dress?

Enough of the creepy creatures.  Now for a little bit of simple decorating because I am all out of ideas so I just shove things into glass jars and call it decorating. 

That's right.  Your eyes are not deceiving you...those are my sacred holiday peeps-in-a-jar again.
And again...I hate eating them...so they are safe.
Now if that was a big jar of holiday m&m's...it would be gone in a day.


kimd said...

The Elf is soooo going in Kit's treehouse tonight. That Elf is wearing me out. She flies around on the ceiling fan, ride the camel in the nativity, gets into silly band bracelets...you name it!!!!!

Love your jars...the problem is I friggin love peeps!!!!

Hope you are able to get out from under all of those rhinestones:)

Anonymous said...

Where do you get all the skirts in the pictures on your website?

Jodie Goodison said...

Why..why can't we be neighbours! I so want to be your best friend. I LOVE your blog.. think your kids are gorgeous..and gawed knows you have talent!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Your house looks beautiful! I have an apothecary jar filled with ribbon candy too - so festive and pretty!