Christmas card

My friend Anat sent me a beautiful Christmas card this year.  She always does.
She has three princesses that are all stunning. 
I told her not to hold her breath waiting for mine lol.
That was not the right answer.
A minute and 30 seconds later she sent me a photo of her kitchen cupboards.
It had the last xmas card I sent still up.
It was 2 years old...possibly three.
It was cute though...all Erin Condren cute.
The guilt set in.
Enter Tiny Prints and their next day air shipping.
I made the card in literally 8 minutes...it helps when you have fabulous photos all ready to go:)

I wonder how many Holiday Cards went out this year with the kids wearing Matilda Jane?

So this was my card. 
My problem however was that I only ordered about 20 of them.
That covers about 1/3 of my Christmas card list, so basically I was a big Miss Manner's no no and emailed it to the rest.  Yikes.  How terrible, I know...but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Next year...I am thinking ahead...and my heart is going back to Erin
My other friend Lena sent me an Erin Condren card.  It solidified my true love for her designs.

Speaking of.  I need another huge canvas from her...actually...I need two more canvases.
What I really need...is a buy one get one free...yup...thats exactly what I need.

I kinda think one of these needs to be on a canvas.  Not sure why.
But I like them.


Susanna... said...

um...amazing christmas card. Good for you!

MY christmas card was *the best we could get* and trying to get my four buddies to smile at the same time and not make a weird face and not hit each other and not drool and not cry was.......impossible.

NEXT year....DEFINITLY hiring a photographer, and I can be the crazy woman jumping up and down behind the camera to get her kids to smile so they look like angels...cause they are!

Anonymous said...

oh that second pic def. needs to be on canvas.

I mailed out 8 Christmas cards! I suck and failed. I will def.get them all out next yr.


Lena said...

And tip re: Erin. For $10 they will change the colors if you don't love what they have. Which is how I managed to get 3 of my favorites all together: red/orange/pink :)

But I love your card. Love!

HeatherA said...

seriously?? incredilby beautiful! wow! wow! wow!
your girls are gorgeous!!!! love your christmas card!!!!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Great card!! I asked for one of those canvases for Christmas and didn't get it. I'm only a tiny bit bitter.