6 more days...let the fun begin

I literally only have one order left to ship...and it was placed today.  Look at me go!
So this week I plan on

A. filling my etsy shop with some candy shirts (yes...the m&m's...if you would like a specific size in a specific candy...put it in the comments and I will make sure to list one for you:)

B.  I want to funk up a pair of converse...for myself...I found a pair I liked...they were $128...I can totally do it myself...just watch me

C. I WILL sew something...I need to...not sure what it will be.  Thats the beauty of it.

I wonder how much of that I will actually get to do.  

Today we spent a couple hours at the driving range.
Most of you probably don't know that I used to be a golf pro. 
Shocking.  I know.
I spent my childhood on the golf course.
It was a wonderful life. 
I played golf all day with my friends.
I had a very good childhood:)
I even went to a golf college.
I turned professional.
Married another golf pro.
Had a kiddiepoo.
Painted and sold kids clothes while she slept.
The rest is history.
Here she is.
She has a better swing than I did...and mine was pretty good:)  Just ask my mom.

How cute is she? 
My thighs were never that skinny.
She does not have my body...or my hair.
This is a good thing.

That's my dad in the background.  He enjoyed watching the girls
hit balls.  I hit some good shots.  He was not interested...he said my ship
had sailed lol.  Apparently he is more interested in the next generations golf
abilities.  My mom and dad are golf maniacs.

How about this little one.  She is the competitive one.  We need to reign her in a little.
She got a little carried away thinking that every shot needed to be a great one.
My dad was happy to see she was competitive. 
Since I was not...at all lol.
I don't have a competitive bone in my body.
Never did.
That's not a good thing.  I think a little competition feeds the soul.

She takes a rip at the ball.  She takes a rip at any sport.
She could be a long distance runner.
She is awesome at tennis.
She is awesome at swimming.
She is awesome.

Peyton has the form...she is perfect.
Ainsley has the firey spirit...she wants to win.
I just like to watch.

Check out this adorable tee from Em Tanner.
It is probably too late to get one for Christmas...but we have a ton of her
me 2 a tee items and my kids love having their faces on everything we own.


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Anonymous said...

What great images you got of the girls! They are some kind of GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see what you make! Merry Christmas, friend :)
xo Robin

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

What a fun activity to do as a family!! And, seriously - your girls should be models!! So, so pretty! I feel bad for your husband!

Anonymous said...

size 2 or 3 in the jelly belly please. Thank you!!!!!