A new twist on an old favorite:)

It is not too late to get a number shirt for a little dude or dudette on your list.
Due to popular demand...I have now done a black version of the originally cream Kapow number tee.
This is a super SUPER soft shirt.  I love it. 
You will see alot more of it in 2010 because...I love it.  Did I already say that?
So originally I figured this would be a boys tee.  But when I look at it...I love the "rocker" feel of it
and since I did go up to #6 now (yay!)
I would totally put my chick in it with a cute pink longsleeve layered underneath. 
I will take a picture.  I will show you it can work for everyone.  I love it.

Check them out here.

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