Happy New Year!

out with the old...in with the new.
10 years ago today I was pregnant with my first child.
Super easy pregnancy.  I was so excited to have a millenium baby.
Why?  This is not a joke...I was excited so that it would always be easy to remember
how old she is. Not kidding. lol.  I am thinking ahead.  For those of you young ones who cannot imagine
forgetting a date or an age or for that matter...how many years you have been married...trust me...it will all happen.  I realize I am not that old (34)  BUT...I do know that in 2067, Peyton will be 67.  Ha. 
See what a planner I am?

Here is that millenium baby now.

and her goofy sister
they look kinda grumpy in this photo...I think they were waiting for me to figure out my camera
(resolution #1...get quicker at the manual settings because people are sick of waiting for me)

a couple in color
I go back and forth...sometimes black and white just doesn't cut it for me...
then I am in a "grungy mood" and black and white is the only thing that works.

and we will finish the post off with a new shirt I just did.
Not listed on the site yet...I need to take flat pics of it...but you can order with
the Best on front and Friends on the back...or visa versa.

ok...off to New Years dinner.

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Courtney Price said...

Are you kidding me? My daughter turned 10 today too (or does yours turn tomorrow?)and I've often thought that your daughter and she look like they would get along. How crazy! And I was totally just on my way to post about it on my blog. Small world!

PS- I almost had a prize for being the last baby of the century and some lady on her 5th child came and popped one out right before midnight :) So not fair!