Just thought I would share

This was 3 years ago...but a friend had asked to see a picture of
this commissioned piece I purchased as a gift for my husband
on our 10th Anniversary...so I thought I would share:)
Sherry Rogers is the illustrator.
We have a couple of her children's books and I loved her drawings.
So after a simple google search...I found her.
She had never done commissioned pieces like this before...but man did she do EXACTLY
what I had asked her to do.  See all the little details?  It's fun...and Sherry was a wonderful
artist to work with.  I know that she did another piece for a friend of my mother's and it
was adorable as well.  Something super fun and different.  I love it.  It hangs in our hallway.
It makes me smile.  I especially like King George our goldendoodle. It is not a far stretch to see him standing up with his paws on the table asking for food.  He might as well just pull up a chair.

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